The next item to implement for Kanazawa is a small opening book. Last year I played with MeinStein and got outplayed from the beginning because of an opening book by one of the Chinese programs. So I decided to implement a simple book.

No, it does not read the Greek alphabet or does understand it. But my Connect6 program MakeIt6 does now know how to play with alpha-beta. And can play a reasonable game, as it now not only defends, but also wants to attack. I changed the evaluation also, which helps too.

Luckily there is still time to go. So the program can improve. At least a simple opening book must be implemented. And of course all kinds of improvements. Probably improvements for the alpha-beta, like principal variation search.

Registration of the program: see the ICGA site for Kanazawa.

Ernest H. Shackleton is natuurlijk het bekenst om zijn fantastische tocht van Antartica naar South Georgia om de bemanning van de Endurance te redden. Dit gebeurde tijdens de expeditie die net voor het uitbreken van de Eerste Wereldoorlog begon. Iedereen overleefde het verlies van de boot.