The ACM Queue ICPC Challenge 2011 has started on 10 January and you have time to program your entry until 6 Februari. Well last year I participated, with not such good results due to other important matters. But it was great fun to participate!

Latest: End date has moved a week to February 13!! Due to technical problems.

Als u mijn curriculum vitae wil, dan kunt u dat opvragen via email. Het is op dit moment alleen in het Nederlands beschikbaar. Of een 'connect' op LinkedIn is altijd mogelijk. Daar staat het overigens in het Engels.

If interested you can request my resume. Unfortunately I have it only available in Dutch at this moment. Just send me an email. Or you can always look at my info at LinkedIn where it is in English and connect.


In Groot Brittanie wordt op dit moment een petitie gehouden om de Analytical Machine zoals Charles Babbage gepland had in werkelijkheid te bouwen. Indien er 50000 mensen zijn die elk €10 doneren, kan dit fraaie plan doorgaan. De initiatiefnemer is John Graham-Cummings, die vorig jaar de petitie voor Alan Turing heeft gestart. Wat mij betreft is een ieder die met een computer werkt dank verschuldigt aan Babbage! En wordt daarom gevraagd dit project te steunen!

Sweep is more or less our cat. It is somebodies cat, but nobody knows its initial owners. It was always sitting on the corner of our appartment building wanting attention. A neighbour started feeding him, Grace spoiled him and because our neighbour moved he is now our cat. More or less, as he (or it -- JeWeetWelKater --) want his freedom and food. So he is now taking over the house.

Well, I'm not sure if I should write something about it. MakeIt6 played in the Computer Olympiad 2010 in Kanazawa, Japan. It scored 0 out of 10 games. Not a result its programmer and operator (me!) wanted. But sure there is much to improve.

Luckily, the game inventor Professor I-Chen Wu was helpful and understanding. I got an invitation for playing in Taiwan in November and an article that will be published in IEEE Explorer this month. Further at the conference there was also a paper and I got a Taiwanese thesis, with my name in it! So next year I hope to have a much better program.