Sweep is more or less our cat. It is somebodies cat, but nobody knows its initial owners. It was always sitting on the corner of our appartment building wanting attention. A neighbour started feeding him, Grace spoiled him and because our neighbour moved he is now our cat. More or less, as he (or it -- JeWeetWelKater --) want his freedom and food. So he is now taking over the house.

Below some photo's of Sweep. Sometimes it looks like he is an intelligent cat, studying Computer Science. But he only wanted my attention, spreading out over my books. At another moment he is just ashamed of himself or sleeping on his favorite spot on our couch.

Last week I put these photo's on my website, because he was ill and stayed over at the vet. Today (21/10/2010), after another two nights at the vet and a last night at our place, we had to let go of Sweep. He's now sleeping forever. No more "Little Tiger" or "King of the Karper". A painful decision for us, but because his heart condition his health was going from bad to worse for him it was the best decision. He will always be in our mind! I miss him already.