Yesterday I decided to participate in the Computer Games Olympiad in Kanazawa, Japan (24 September - 2 October 2010) with my Connect6 game called "MakeIt6".

After playing with MeinStein Connect6 last year in Pamplona, as a remembrance for Theo van der Storm (see the CSVN site for the program), I decided to start a program for Connect6 by my self. After several tries I have a program that at this moment does play, but anybody can beat it. The AI is not finished yet. But there is still a month and a half to program.

The basics have been created this week during travel from and to work (Amersfoort to Enschede vice versa). If the program is well enough and has graphical user interface, I might publicise it on this website.

Some info about MakeIt6:

  • Written in Java6 (the 6 is coincedental)
  • Currently only a text user interface
  • Static evaluation of the threats