Since last week I have put my Connect6 program MakeIt6 active on the LittleGolem game server. The first tournament was not much of a success, but that is all in the game as we have at the moment only implemented a rough random search for one ply deep. Next thing to do is fix a bug that does not block a four stone threat.

I have started to rewrite the MakeIt6 program after the 2010 Computer Olympiad in Kanazawa, Japan. However, due to some lack of spare time and the decision to play with Theo van der Storm's MeinStein program in this years Computer Olympiad, no time was left for MakeIt6. The rewrite started with all things around the game engine: LG interface, GTP interface, GUI. This is still not finished. But on the other hand I did some work on the engine already, so we start play on LG.

Another thing to do is create a logo for the application. To show up in these articles and on other positions in documentation and the application.